Former US attorney general voices support for Blagojevich

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Friday, June 1, 2018
Eric Holder voices support for Rod Blagojevich
Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder voiced support for Rod Blagojevich as the former governor seeks a pardon from President Trump.

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he is considering pardoning former governor Rod Blagojevich.

Eric Holder, who served as Attorney General under President Obama, said Friday he now thinks a reduced sentence would be fair.

"If what you did there was to reduce that sentence, I think the fourteen year sentence was a little harsh," Holder said. "That was a case brought while I was attorney general I thought that sentence was a little harsh."

Holder likened Blagojevich's sentence to the ten to 20 year terms for non-violent drug offenders that were commuted by President Obama before he left office.

"I hope that as the president is considering the use of that power, that he would use it in ways that President Obama did," Holder said. "That I supported, to use it so that people who are really deserving of mercy get it."

Patti Blagovich criticized Holder for bringing the case in the first place.

"We applied for clemency from President Obama. He could have ended this two years ago. Where was Holder then?," Patti Blagojevich told ABC7 Chicago via text.

Robert Blagojevich recently appeared on CNN to continue the campaign on his brother's behalf.

"President Trump is trying to right wrongs and he's disrupting a system that's gotten so entrenched and entitled that it's about time in my opinion, if he can be good to my brother, I'd be very grateful for that," Robert Blagojevich said.

There is no indication when Trump might act, but the Blagojevich camp said they have made the White House aware of the fact that Amy Blagojevich graduates from Northwestern on June 22.