Ex-Ill. gov. Rod Blagojevich gives 1st prison interview to Chicago Magazine

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich spoke out for the first time since entering a Colorado prison in an article published Monday in Chicago Magazine.

Blagojevich's wife, Patti, has spoken publicly many times, always defending her husband and declaring his innocence. Now, five and a half years into his sentence, the public is hearing from Blagojevich himself.

It's also the first time, in more than two years, anyone has seen him. Chicago Magazine features Blagojevich with a full head of gray hair, dressed in blue and wearing work boots. The quote on the cover reads, "My jurisdiction was once all of Illinois. Now I have two hallways to clean."

The last time Blagojevich was seen was when the National Enquirer released a photo of him. So who took the Chicago Magazine photo?

Chicago Magazine's editor told Robert Feder, a Daily Herald contributor, the Bureau of Prisons wouldn't allow a camera inside. So Blagojevich went to the commissary and rented a camera. Someone took the photo for him on prison grounds.
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