Romeoville police search for shooter after 4, including 2 children, found dead in home

2 adult victims ID'd as Roberto Rolon, Zoraida Bartolomei

ByEric Horng and Stephanie Wade and Rob Hughes WLS logo
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
2 adults, 2 children, 3 dogs found shot to death in Romeoville home
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Romeoville police said four people were found dead with gunshot wounds in a home on Concord Avenue Sunday. The shooter is still at large.

ROMEOVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Four people, including two children, were found shot to death in Romeoville Sunday night, police said.

Officers were sent to the 500-block of Concord Avenue at about 8:43 p.m. and found two adults and two children inside dead with gunshot wounds, police said. Three dogs were also found shot to death, police said.

At a press conference Monday morning, police said they are not investigating the incident as a murder-suicide and they are searching for a suspect.

The two adults killed were identified by police as Roberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei. Police did not release the names of the two children killed by said they were related to the adults.

"It's unnerving, very unnerving," said neighbor Dan Lugo. "We moved out of the city to come out to this quiet area, which has always been quiet, and to come and something like this to happen, it's pretty messed up."

Neighbors said the family had just recently moved into the home in the 500-block of Concord Avenue within the past few months. A neighbor said both adult victims had jobs. The man worked in a warehouse for a beverage company and would give his free allotment of beer to that neighbor because the family did not drink.

Police said a family member called them, requesting a well-being check when they hadn't heard from them and one of the victims didn't show up to work Sunday morning.

When officers arrived around 8:45 p.m. Sunday night, they found all four people dead from gunshot wounds.

They've been combing the home non-stop for evidence as they work to gather leads.

"Due to the timeframe that has gone by, more than 18 hours from the time we were contacted, we are not asking anybody to shelter in place," Romeoville Police Deputy Chief Chris Burne said: "We are not actively looking for anybody in the area but we do always ask our residents to have a good sense of self-awareness and to report anything that they might see as suspicious."

Meanwhile, neighbors who said they barely knew the family are terrified, watching it all play out.

Emergency crews swarmed the house as they continue to investigate throughout the morning.

"They kept to themselves," a neighbor said. I really don't know. Never saw the kids outside playing and I have a child. I don't know really what happened and it's very scary. Too close to home."

Investigators believe the shooting happened sometime between 9 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.m. Sunday.

They are asking anyone with information to contact the Romeoville Police Department at 815-886-7219.