Rosé wine, more than a drink; other ways to use it

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Rosé wine is a popular choice in the summer and there are many uses for it beyond drinking it.

Torrence O'Haire, Sommelier and Beverage Director of Gage Hospitality Group, says you can cook with it. In many recipes that call for white wine, you can swap out rosé. Just skip dishes that use butter or cream.

Another recipe, Vinagrette: use one part rosé with two parts oil and whisk in some Dijon Mustard and Agave Nectar, season with lemon, salt & pepper.

Or, you can use Rosé to make sangria.

O'Haire also shared some tips for picking the right Rosé for you.

  • If you prefer something light and crisp: try something from a cooler climate. He recommends Germany, Austria, or Northern California.
  • If you prefer something juicy: pick from somewhere warm and sunny, like Sicily, Spain or Argentina.
  • If you're a red wine drinker who usually sticks to red, he recommends picking something from the the Rhne in France, specifically the subregion of Tavel.

Throughout the month of May, Gage Hospitality Group is celebrating Rosé All May with specials at all locations.
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