Ryan Gosling honors deceased Vine creator by eating cereal in funny, touching video

ByJustin Sedgwick WLS logo
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Ryan Gosling paid homage to a recently deceased Vine creator by eating a bowl of cereal in a viral video.
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Ryan Gosling is paying respects to a recently deceased Vine video creator in a very strange way: by eating a bowl of cereal.

Ryan McHenry, 27, from Scotland, was the brainchild of the infamous "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal" Vine videos. In the videos, Gosling's face would appear on screen, and McHenry would extend a spoon filled with cereal from off-screen towards the actor. It would then look as if Gosling's character were rejecting McHenry's offer of cereal by moving his body or head ever so slightly.

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The absurd yet hilarious videos quickly became a hit across the internet, resurfacing every few months on Reddit and Tumblr and generating a new legion of Gosling-cereal aficionados in the process.

But as the videos increased in popularity, many didn't know that the passionate Vine user and Gosling hunger enthusiast had also been suffering from osteosarcoma, a cancer that affects originates from the bones.

After hearing of the McHenry's illness, many of his fans and fellow Vine users organized an IndieGoGo page titled "Ryan McHenry won't eat his cancer" to help pay for his treatment and hospital bills. But on May 4, McHenry passed away the age of 27.

On Monday, Gosling paid his respects to McHenry in a Vine video, where the actor poured a bowl of cereal, raised his spoon, and finally took a bite. Gosling's Vine has received over 150,000 likes and 17 million loops.

Gosling also tweeted the following message along with his video.

Many on social media were touched by Gosling's video.

McHenry's family asks to help keep memory of the Vine creator alive by raising money for Sarcoma research.