Driver for mental health facility failed to stop sex assault of 9-year-old boy, police say

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Friday, June 24, 2016
Sex assault of boy

FORT SMITH, AK -- A van driver who police said failed to stop the sexual assault of a nine-year-old boy was arrested.

Jordan Byrd, 71, was a driver for a mental health facility in Arkansas back in March when the alleged assault was recorded on surveillance camera, KFSM reports.

Investigators say the video shows a 14-year-old boy raping the young victim. Byrd allegedly looked up several times but did nothing to stop the attack.

The video purportedly shows the child screaming throughout the attack, which allegedly stopped when Byrd finally asked what was going on in the back of the van.

Byrd has been charged with permitting child abuse and failing to report child abuse.

The 14-year-old suspect in the case is being investigated. He was reportedly a patient at the mental health facility, and the company that employed Byrd.

Investigators also say Byrd and the suspect are related.