Family rallies for answers to police shooting of security guard who stopped gunman in Robbins

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Friday, November 12, 2021
Jemel Roberson's family rallied for answers to the police shooting of the security guard who stopped a gunman at Manny's Blue Room in Midlothian.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chanting Jemel Roberson's name, family and activists marched to Daley Plaza Thursday afternoon on the three-year anniversary of the south suburban security guard's death.

Among those marching was his 2-year-old daughter, Justice, who he never got to meet.

"It's definitely hard, raising her," said Roberson's partner, Avontea Boose. "But I do what I have to."

Roberson was killed on Nov. 11, 2018 outside Manny's Blue Room in Robbins. He was working as a security guard that night when a shooting erupted inside the nightclub. Roberson managed to take custody of the shooter and was pointing a weapon at him when police arrived on scene.

In the confusion, one of those officers shot Roberson, believing him to be the gunman. That officer was on administrative leave for nearly two years, until late last year when Kim Foxx's office decided not to charge him, citing testimony that Roberson failed to acknowledge repeated calls to drop his weapon before being shot.

But because the case never got to court, the family has continued searching for answers as to how everything unfolded. They said they hope a civil rights lawsuit currently pending in Circuit Court will help provide those answers.

"There were 100 people that were there. We can give them the opportunity through the litigation to talk to some of those people. Learn what they saw. Understand what could have happened, should have happened as opposed to what did happen," said family attorney Cannon Lambert.

Roberson's family has also called on Robbins to rename the street the nightclub was on after him. That request is still pending.