Melting snow continuing to cause concerns of roof collapses, falling ice

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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The thawing of all that snow and ice could bring even more issues Tuesday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The heavy snow has caused plenty of problems, including a canopy collapse in Des Plaines that was caught on camera.

The thawing of all that snow and ice could bring even more issues Tuesday.

So many businesses, homes and other buildings across the Chicago area have been dealing with heavy snow, falling ice, and collapses.

WATCH: Surveillance video shows gas station roof collapse

New surveillance video captures the moment a canopy at a suburban Des Plaines gas station collapsed early Monday morning.

Cameras were rolling at the Pantry N' More across the street as the weight of the record snowfall and heavy ice proved to be just too much for the roof.

How to protect your roof from ice dams

Des Plaines firefighters rushed to the Mobil on the corner of Ballard and Potter Road just after midnight.

"We did send an ambulance because we were not sure if anyone was out there getting fuel but we found that no one was getting gas or beneath the canopy," said Deputy Chief Peter Dyer, Des Plaines Fire Department.

The power to the fuel pumps was shut off until the debris is cleared and equipment inspected, he said. The Des Plaines Building Department and Fire Prevention Bureau were investigating the collapse.

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Jason Kos went to the 7-Eleven Mobile station to take pictures.

"I won't bring my kids with me to go get gas anymore," Kos said. "We haven't seen anything yet. Once it starts melting and freezing, it's gonna be worse."

Sheets of ice came crashing down from the CTA tracks in Cermak Road near Wabash Avenue. The ice broke through a drivers windshield and cut his face. He is expected to be OK.

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And over in Hoffman Estates, large sheets of ice slid off and crashed onto cars below.

"The roof was covered, then it melted, then formed two inches of ice," said Hoffman Estates resident Marko Popovic. "I was worried it was going to break off and falling."

Two of his cars were damaged.

On Monday, a snow covered garage in Elmwood Park crashed down on a 1976 Corvette. The owner said the car is a total loss.

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There have been nearly 20 roof and building in collapses in the past few weeks.

6 tips for choosing a roofing contractor

With all the snow and ice around Chicago, roofers are in high demand.

If you need some work done on your home be careful with who you hire. Here are some tips from Angie's List.

First: Make sure your contractor has workers' compensation and liability insurance.

Second: Choose a local contractor and make sure they have an established reputation in the community.

Third: Don't choose a company based only on price. Angie's List says you get what you pay for, and shoddy work could cost you more in the long run.

Fourth: Don't be pressured by roofers who show up at your door uninvited. Always take your time to review a contract before signing.

Fifth: Get details on the job in writing including what it will cost, and how long it will take.

Sixth: Communication is crucial. If the contractor isn't returning your calls or they fail to send the documents you asked for, walk away.

Bottom line: roofing work can be very expensive, so make sure your money is going to someone who will get the job done, the right way.