Paula Patton talks about starring in ABC's limited series 'Somewhere Between'

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Monday, July 24, 2017
Paula Patton talks about starring in 'Somewhere Between'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Paula Patton about her new limited series on ABC.

NEW YORK -- What if you had the most awful day of your life, only to find out you had a chance to change the outcome?

"Somewhere Between," stars Paula Patton as "Laura Price," a local news producer in San Francisco helping the police hunt down a serial killer.

After the killer strikes this mother close to home, a twist of fate allows a reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders.

Patton talked about playing Laura and her role on this limited series, which she compared to a really long movie, but in a way that allowed for character exploration.

"We thought of this as a 10-hour movie, because certainly, there's an ending," Patton said.

As her character unravels the mysterious connection between herself and the killer, she realizes that changing fate could require the ultimate sacrifice.

"I didn't really know everything that she would become," Patton said. "I was kind of changing as she was changing as I was reading each new episode and that was really thrilling and exciting."

Patton teased viewers on Twitter with an amazing shot of the landscape the show used as its backdrop, but declined to say where it was taken.

"Maybe that was a bad idea because I want people to enjoy where it was meant to be, but we went to really cool places which aren't really where we are," Patton said.

One other reason to watch, 90's heartthrob Devon Sawa is among her co-stars!

"Somewhere Between" will make its series premiere on Monday, July 24th at 10/9c on The ABC Television Network.