Concordia assistant coach up for NFL Hall of Fame 2016 class

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Among those on the ballot for the NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2016 is Joe Jacoby, assistant football coach at Concordia University in River Forest. (WLS)

Joe Jacoby sits quietly in his office at Chicago's Concordia University four days before finding out if he'll be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

"Being one of the 15 finalists, it brings back a lot of them memories from when I played," Jacoby said. "Wow, we were in four Super Bowls in 10 years and nobody knows about it."

Jacoby is one of Washington's original Hogs, winning three Super Bowls over a 13-year career as left tackle on one of the NFL's most prolific offensive lines.

"Our offensive line coach created this, calling us the Hogs, and he was doing that to build some unity, chemistry amongst us and all that," Jacoby said.

Jacoby is now the O-line coach, heading into his 3rd season with the Division 3 Cougars.

"What sold me was why all these kids are here. And it wasn't the football, football was part of it, but a lot of it was 'cause of their faith and what they believe in and what they wanted to do. So, I was sold," he said.

Being here at Concordia, Jacoby is miles and decades away from his playing days, but Super Bowl week still carries a special meeting. Though, the humble Hog struggled to say what a call to the Hall of Fame would mean.

"Never thought of that," Jacoby said. "I guess it would just finish it - not finish me - but finish that part of football and just be an exclamation point at the end of it now."
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