Dwyane Wade on LeBron James wearing Cubs gear: 'He looks great'

ByDave McMenamin ESPN logo
Saturday, December 3, 2016

CHICAGO -- Cubs fans had to wait 108 years to see their team win a World Series and another month to see one of the most famous athletes in the world pay off a bet by wearing the uniform of their team because the Cleveland Indians were the lovable losers this time around.

LeBron James arrived to the Cleveland Cavaliers' game against the Chicago Bulls in a full Cubs uniform, as promised, to settle a wager with his former teammate Dwyane Wade. From the blue cap Cubs with a red "C" atop his head, to the white pinstriped jersey and baseball pants on his body, all the way down to blue stirrups on his feet, James fulfilled his obligation after the Cubs beat the Indians 8-7 in Game 7 one month ago to the day.

"Doesn't he look good everybody?" Wade said as he was flanked by more than 50 media members who parked themselves at the United Center loading dock for hours to await James' to get there on the Cavs' team bus. "Look at him, he looks great."

James made a pouty face as Wade whipped out his phone to take video of the spectacle.

"This s--- crazy, huh?" James said as he made the walk up the ramp through a sea of onlookers -- including the Cubs' mascot "Clark" -- and to the visiting locker room. "We off the chain."

As Kevin Love made his was behind the throng of people there to see James, the Cavs forward likened the scene to something he'd only seen created by Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan before.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know," James said in a video taken on the bus ride over to the arena and posted on "Uninterrupted," the multimedia platform he co-founded. "So before I walk into the United Center and get bombarded with cameras and everything, yeah, I lost this bet, and this is unfortunate what I have to go into the arena in."

At that point of the video, James takes the camera and aims it at his body, showing the different parts of the uniform he had on.

"Pinstripes all the way down to the shoes," he said. "Yeah, I mean, all the way to the World Series patch on the arm. You know, my Indians gave everything they had and the Cubs came back and they showed what true champions are all about. Meanwhile, I'm pinstriped up walking into a nationally televised game in Chicago because of the bet I lost.

"So, you're all welcome. You're all welcome."

Cubs slugger and reigning NL MVP Kris Bryant got a kick out of James' attire.

The Indians? Not so much.