Health, fitness expert shares healthy, easy ways to keep your kids fed

ByABC 7 Chicago Digital Team via WLS logo
Saturday, August 15, 2020
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"Instead of sandwiches, you can be healthier by using tortillas."

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For those adapting to at-home learning this school year, you might be wondering about how you'll find the time to prepare school lunches.

Health and fitness expert, Stephanie Mansour shared healthy and easy ways to keep your kids fed.

Stephanie's Tips to Spice up your lunches:

1. Focus on protein. Look for ingredients in frozen chicken and other meats that are natural, i.e. not full of chemicals. Use plastic containers to pre-portion the meals.
2. Instead of sandwiches, you can be healthier by using tortillas. Kids can fill the tortillas with healthy vegetables and protein. Easy!

3. Measure out portion sizes for sides/sauces such as almond butter, barbeque sauce, mustard and ketchup. Don't go overboard!
4. Make sure your kids are staying hydrated throughout the day. You can put frozen berries in their water to make it tastier.