Walmart pulls 'suicide scar' Halloween costume from website after complaints

ByMike Waterhouse WABC logo
Monday, October 24, 2016

NEW YORK -- Walmart has pulled a Halloween costume from its website after customers said it was inappropriate.

A shopper noticed the "razor blade suicide scar wound latex costume make up" kit online for $3.99 and called out the retailer on social media:

The post prompted a discussion about how mental illness is a serious matter:

Customers also posted messages on Walmart's Facebook wall:

"Your suicide scar makeup kit is disgusting and sends the wrong message - suicide is not something the play with or joke about, especially in conjunction with a holiday that is meant for kids and even teens," wrote Michelle Rafeeqah Fontaine.

Walmart since pulled the costume from its website and issued this statement:

"This costume is appalling and it was unacceptable for a third-party seller to list it on our marketplace. It clearly violated our prohibited items policy and we removed it when it was brought to our attention."

Users quickly responded to Walmart's actions:

"Thank you Walmart. As a psychiatrist myself, I was horrified, and there were many other physicians talking about this. Good to know this was not something you sanctioned. Hopefully your quality control around this type of stuff being offered by third party sellers on your marketplace will be tightened up further," wrote Su Jatha.

An online petition was started over the weekend, but was stopped after the retailer pulled the item from its website.

The third-party seller listed for the suicide scar was BlockBuster Costumes, LLC. continues to list other costumes from that company.