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ByConsumer Reports
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Best Super Bowl TVs
The Super Bowl is a great excuse to buy a new television. And prices have never been lower.

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to buy a new television. And prices have never been lower.

Retailers offer deep discounts this time of year as they clear their shelves in time for new models. But with all the options, how do you know which one to buy? Consumer Reports shares some tips to help you find the right set.

Big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. You can get a 65-inch 1080p high definition TV for under $1,000.

"Although Ultra HD TVs are on the market, a regular HD set is still a great choice. Plus, the game's not being broadcast in 4K UHD this year," said Jim Willcox, Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports tests hundreds of TVs every year and says for a Super Bowl party, a screen that's 50 inches or bigger is a good choice. Also important: A wide viewing angle.

"This is where an OLED TV comes in handy. Both HD sets and UHD models have unlimited viewing angles. And that means that everyone in your room is going to get a great view of the game no matter where they're sitting," Willcox said.

You'll also want a TV that can handle fast motion without blurring. Consumer Reports uses these patterns to test how each set performs.

Some TVs may be a great deal for the game. But if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out an Ultra HD OLED. This 55-inch set from LG costs $3,000 and is one of Consumer Reports' highest rated TVs.

"This TV offers everything you need to make your Super Bowl party a hit. Plus UHD will help future-proof you for when more 4-K content becomes available," Willcox said.

If you want an even newer TV, brand-new models will hit store shelves in late February, early March.

Consumer Reports has several recommendations for good deals on big screen TVs available now.

For a 55-inch television, consider these HD models from Samsung and Sony - both $800.

If you're looking for bigger, there's a 65-inch Sony Bravia for $1,500. And an Ultra HD Panasonic for $1,700.

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