Tamron Hall reflects on her Chicago days over dinner date with ABC7's Hosea Sanders

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Tamron Hall served up reflections about her Chicago days on a recent dinner date with her long-time friend, ABC7's Hosea Sanders.

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SANDERS: Do you pinch yourself and think about it, this is my life now?

HALL: My mom was a 19-year-old single mother. My grandfather had a 2nd grade education. I was raised by both of them. I remember the first time I came to interview for a job here in Chicago, not feeling I was even worthy of having the interview.

SANDERS: When you take that chance, along with the glory come the haters.

HALL: Of course, when you're painted out as the angry Black woman or the difficult talent or these tropes that go along with being a woman, it doesn't feel good. But I've been on this planet 51 years, I've been working 31 years. I know the good outweighs the bad in any of our lives.

HALL: Do you cook, what do you do?

SANDERS: Uber Eats.

HALL: You don't cook?! Ok Hosea, now listen...

SANDERS: I cook for people, I don't really cook for myself...

HALL: You gotta start cooking. Next time we're together, I'll give you a little cooking class at your home and we can tape it. That's what I learned here in this town, talking to people, looking somebody in the eye and say, what's your deal, what's your story.
It is a chance to talk about the realities of life, that you're going through, I'm getting emotional, that people everyday go through, but in that same span, smile together.

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