Chicago Made: Daily dog dental care product, TEEF!, seeks to improve canine health

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Saturday, February 29, 2020
Chicago Made: Daily dog dental care product, TEEF!, seeks to improve canine health
A Chicago dog owner created a daily dog dental care product to improve canine health.

A Chicago dog owner created a new canine dental health product to help improve other pups' overall condition.

Emily Stein is the creator of TEEF! The product was born out of Stein's love for her 10-year-old rescue pup, Tinsley. The day she was adopted, aside from breath that smelled like death, she had eye, ear and bladder infections and low energy, all accumulating from a long life of neglected dental care. After months of antibiotics, 21 tooth extractions and thousands of dollars in vet bills, Tinsley was infection-free.

Luckily, Stein is a Stanford-trained immunologist and Berkeley-trained microbiologist and understood that harmful oral bacteria were the root cause of all of Tinzley and many other dogs' issues. She went to work to find a safe and effective solution that improved the quality of life for her own dog (and all dogs) through better dental health. After screening hundreds of human-grade ingredients, she found a combination that influences bacteria toward more health promoting behaviors, which results in healthier gums, stronger teeth and fresher breath.

"The mission at TEEF! is to rid the world of dental disease and all the health problems that come with it," Stein said. "Our patented technology naturally balances the oral environment for a healthy mouth."

TEEF! donates 5% of all proceeds to regional partner organizations that care for dogs in need.

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