Pilot puns, windmills, and could Hannah B get back with Peter on 'The Bachelor'?

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

NEW YORK -- This season of "The Bachelor" began with an ominous clip of Chris Harrison saying that he had shocking news for Peter. Peter seemed devastated. What could it be? Settle in, because we've got a long season ahead and a three-hour episode to recap. Before we could meet the women competing for Peter's heart, we got a peek into his family life with his happily married parents and his job as a pilot. Who doesn't love to see Peter in his pilot uniform?! He seems to get recognized a lot as he travels around from airport to airport. As we head into the introductions, get ready for a lot of puns like "mile high club" and making a "direct flight to Peter's heart." Another thing to take note of, amongst the women, there will be "the cats" and "the rats." Apparently, one woman creates these group names - I'm guessing the rats aren't going to be too into that, but who knows.

The show chose to profile a few women before the limos showed up. They included:

- Alexa is 27 and from Chicago. She describes herself as a caregiver, but she actually waxes people - all parts of people. So maybe we'll have a "40-year-old Virgin" type wax scene.

- Hannah Ann is from Tennessee and she's 23. She's a model who describes herself as a normal girl who comes from a religious background.

- Tammy is a 30-year-old house flipper, who loves to work out and wrestle in Syracuse, NY. She also flips houses for a living.

- Victoria P. is 27 and works as a nurse and was her sister's primary caregiver because their father died and her mother suffered from addiction. The good news, her mother is now sober and she's so proud of her! She reminds me a lot of Jamie Otis!

- Kelley is 27 and an attorney who works with her entire family at their law firm in Chicago. She knows Peter from attending a wedding at the same hotel that he had his 10-year reunion at.

- Madison is a foster parent recruiter in AL and her father is super into sports because she's a great basketball player. She had won four state championship basketball games that were coached by her father. He seems like he could be tough and very protective!

- Maurissa, 23, works as a patient coordinator for two plastic surgeons in Atlanta. She won Miss Teen Montana and she gave up doing pageants because some articles called her chubby. She gained 80 pounds that she has subsequently lost and she's very into working out.

Time for the limos!

1) Alayah was out first. She gave Peter a letter her Grandma Rose wrote for him.

2) Sydney talked about how not every girl from Alabama makes bad decisions.

3) Hannah Ann said that she's thankful he's "The Bachelor." She hoped he had room for another Hannah in his heart.

4) Sarah confessed to having butterflies and said "hubba hubba" to Peter.

5) Lauren said that she was scared but that someone told her that "If it scares you, do it."

6) Victoria P. asked Peter to happy dance the scarries away like she does with her niece.

7) Mykenna walked around and checked him out.

8) Maurissa made him pinky promise that they would remain truthful and dance like no one is watching.

9) Kelsey said that Hannah made a mistake.

10) Eunice is a flight attendant who decided to wear angel wings and said that she wanted to "wing it."

11) Jade is also a flight attendant.

12) Megan is yet another flight attendant.

13) Madison arrived in a giant paper airplane! It was pretty cute.

14) Tammy pretended to be a TSA metal detector.

15) Shiann gave him a barf bag for the nauseating conversations he might have to have that night.

16) Courtney pedaled in on a little metal plane.

17) Kiarra packed herself into a tiny little suitcase and made Peter unzip the luggage.

18) Coming in hot in a hot rod was Lexi. She's from New York City and she told him she likes to go fast.

19) Deandra asked Peter if he was ready for round 5 in a windmill which she was wearing on her back.

20) Payton came out and marveled at the four times...

21) Jasmine asked him about the four times in a windmill in another language.

22) Kylie showed up with a super long strip of condoms.

23) Katrina told Peter he'd fall in love with her hairless pussy cat.

24) Victoria F. said that she has a very dry sense of humor but that was it. She totally messed it up but Peter loved it.

25) Jenna brought a cow named Ashley P. It's her emotional support cow.

26) Savannah blindfolded Peter and had him feel her body because the way things feel are the most important to her and then she kissed him!

27) Kelley came out of the limo and Peter recognized her right away! He said he was wondering if she would stop by. Then they did some dance that they did the night they met. Aw. Peter said that he was hoping she would come by. The other women were very upset by this news.

28) Alexa the waxer arrived.

29) Avonlea talked about how her name sounds like heavenly.

30) Natascha also arrived, but the show didn't describe much.

Then a surprise limo showed up...Hannah B got out and he was genuinely surprised. The other women started screaming about her arrival and asking if it was "legal." She came back to give him the copilot wings he gave her on "The Bachelorette." It brought tears to his eyes and she told him that she's so happy for him. It was pretty emotional.

Peter entered the mansion at long last and he gave a welcome toast. He told them that she gave him back the wings and he really appreciated it. He said that seeing her has given him, even more, hope that he could find love again. Peter thanked them for being courageous in taking this chance with him.

He started off by reading the letter from Alayah's grandma. She described how her granddaughter is looking for a real love and how she loves to read books, but Peter had thought it said "good looks!" It was a cute moment.

Madison and Peter went outside and flew some of those giant paper airplanes, so that was fun! She actually got him to talk about himself too, so that was really nice. They got right into knowing each other.

Chris Harrison dropped off "The First Impression Rose." The mood shifted and the women started to get more competitive. They wanted to get their time!

He played mini golf into a windmill with one woman, drove the Corvette with Lexi, and danced with several of them. Hannah Ann told Peter that her parents told her that one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a healthy marriage, and Peter kissed her hand when she said that. With that, she and her dad painted a picture of the Smoky Mountains and she gave it to Peter as a gift. Peter said that he loved it and gave her the first REAL kiss. They were making out on the couch!

Tammy did another security check and she pretended to find a condom - he kissed her too! Peter was getting quite kissy with several of the girls! Mykenna flew paper airplanes over to interrupt Natasha. Natasha then coined the "Cats and Rats" phrase. Natasha gave Peter the giant airplane and told him to fly away on it. But instead, he started kissing Mykenna! She even interrupted their kiss!

Hannah Ann was bold enough to go and interrupt someone's first time talking to Peter! She probably didn't need to do that, but he told her he appreciated her boldness. Then she did it a third time, so she's that girl! She told him that they needed to end their time with a kiss. The others there could not understand what was going on! She's putting a big ol' target on her back! Shiann tried to confront her, but Hannah Ann shut her down by just saying, "I want that for you too," referring to time with Peter. It really flabbergasted her. Shiann just didn't know how to respond.

Victoria F. said that she was very nervous about the one-liner where she talked about the dry sense of humor, and he forgot the introduction. It was super awkward again. Cringeworthy even. Poor Victoria walked away crying because it just didn't go well. She cried in the bathroom while other women tried to console her.

Peter told Kelley that he didn't stop thinking about her after they had met at the hotel. He asked her how she could possibly be on the market. He said that he still feels a spark. She said that she thinks that meeting him was a great sign and she can't wait to get to know him more.

With that, Peter walked in, picked up "The First Impression Rose" and gave it to Hannah Ann! He told her that he loved how close she is with her family and that he wants to get to know her more. He said there is definitely room for two Hannah's in his life. She said that they had an instant connection and she was just grateful that her feelings were confirmed.

Chris Harrison then broke up the party by saying that it was time for the first rose ceremony.

Roses went to:

1) Hannah Ann (first impression)

2) Victoria P.

3) Madison

4) Kelley

5) Lexi

6) Savannah

7) Lauren

8) Tammy (I kind of want to see her eat all the cheese that she can eat, as she promised)

9) Alayah

10) Jasmine

11) Sydney

12) Natascha

13) Mykenna

14) Deandra

15) Sarah

16) Alexa the waxer

17) Kelsey

18) Peyton

19) Kiarra

20) Courtney

21) Shiann

22) Victoria F. (verbal diarrhea)

So eight women were sent packing. It's got to be hard to get your hopes up and get ready to be on the show only to make it in the front door of the mansion and right back out.

The second part of the premiere started with Peter hosing off a plane shirtless. Meantime, Chris Harrison welcomed the women to the journey and dropped off the first date card. The card read, "Hannah Ann, Kelley, Deandra, Tammy, Courtney, Shiann, Victoria P., Jasmine, and Victoria F, lookup, fear!" Peter invited two professional female pilots to put the women through flight school. The first part of the lesson was a math lesson. The second part was going in a gyroscope. Really? Someone will definitely throw up. Victoria P. did not want to go on because she gets motion sickness. Peter said that he felt bad for her, but clearly he didn't feel that bad. She ran off to the bathroom and threw up. Peter chased off after her and brought her water. She said he's obviously loving and caring. Girl, he just made you barf!

The ladies then got flight suits on and then had to do an obstacle course and the winner would go on a sunset ride over San Diego with Peter. Kelley cheated at the end by not going around the obstacles properly and beat Tammy for the plane ride. She said it was great to slow the pace down and hang out with the real Peter without the other women around. Kelley came back on cloud nine and the other women were very jealous. Tammy couldn't help herself and called her a cheater. Then, Peter walked in and asked the women if they had a good time. They all said they did, and they were happy that they could get some extra time to have a conversation with him. Turns out, this is the hotel that Kelley and Peter met at. I'm sure she won't keep that to herself.

Victoria P. told Peter that it was a huge deal to her that he took care of her when she felt sick. He told her to stay there and he went and picked some flowers and gave them to her. He remembered that she mentioned that she was never given flowers by a man before. As Peter was talking to Shiann, Kelley showed up and interrupted them. It was super rude of her to do that considering that she already had time together with Peter, but he didn't seem to mind. He took her to the area of the hotel where they had first met. She grabbed him as he was walking by and told him that she was one of his "Bachelorettes." Peter told Kelley not to let the other women get to her and to just hold onto how great they feel together. They did some major kissing. Peter decided to give the date rose to Kelley - and mentioned that this was the hotel they had a first spark at. Kelley then elaborated that they had met there and she didn't realize that he meant that he had a spark back then. That crushed the other women.

The one-on-one date card read, "Madison, I want to show you what forever looks like." Madison wore a very pretty pink dress and they drove off into his hometown. Peter took her to his parents' house for their vow renewal. That's pretty overwhelming! Peter said to his dad Peter Sr., "I've got a special one there, that's Madison." Peter's brother walked his mother, Barbara, down the aisle where Peter performed as the ordained minister. He did a great job and it truly touched them. They read their own vows to each other and they seem truly in love 31 years later! It seemed like Madison got along with his family perfectly. She even caught the bouquet but it was probably a little bit set up!

That evening, they had some alone time together and they seemed so natural together. Their conversation really flowed. She also comes from a family where her parents have been married several years. Madison said that she wants to marry someone like her dad and she thinks Peter shares a lot of his qualities. It seems like Peter is really looking for someone who values marriage. She did tell him that she takes things slow in relationships, but she just wants them both to trust their intuition. He said that their date was like a dream and he offered her the date rose. But wait, there's more! They walked into another room and Tenille Arts was performing. Just when you started to think, it would have been nice if she had performed for the whole family, they invited the whole family in! The party continued on! It really was a perfect date! Keep your eyes on this one folks.

Back at the house, the rest of the women waited for the final date card. It read, "Lauren, Sydney, Peyton, Natascha, Alexa, Kelsey, Mckenna, Alayah, and Savannah, I hope this isn't awkward." Yikes! The women met up with Peter to go on a mystery date planned by a friend. They went inside an empty theater with a windmill on the stage and Hannah B. was there. The women are starting to get annoyed that she keeps showing up. Hannah told the story about how they had a good time in the windmill four times. It was so awkward. So all of the girls had to share a story about sex in front of a live audience.

Hannah B. seemed to be having a hard time and actually went backstage and started crying. Peter found her like that and went to talk to her about how weird it all was. She told him that she's really happy for him, but it was hard. Peter said that she didn't have to bring the wings back to him because she'll always mean so much to him. Hannah apologized for breaking his heart. She said, "My heart was very confused." Peter asked her if she ever considered asking him out for a date instead of Tyler. He said that he doesn't want to be anyone's third option. She was also living only 20 minutes from him and didn't contact him. Now he's feeling confused. Then, Peter asked her if she would consider being part of the house. Hannah said, "Maybe." He asked her if she regretted sending him home at all in Greece. Hannah said, "Yeah, Peter. I question it all the time." "I felt zero doubt that you would be calling my name, and obviously you didn't," he said. He said that if she had asked him instead of Tyler, he would have been on board and even told his family that. Hannah said that Tyler reached out and he didn't. She thought that he wanted to be "The Bachelor." Hannah said that when she walked out and saw him as "The Bachelor" she didn't expect there to be a spark. Peter said he's so confused and he's only a week in. He said he's not 100% where he thought he was. He's not completely over her. He said that he wants to have had it all work out in the past, but it didn't. He said he feels like a jerk because all of the girls on the show expect to have someone who is ready. He's not.

Next week, it looks like there is a lot of crying and the women do not respond well to Hannah hanging around. Should Peter and Hannah give it another shot, or start fresh in new relationships?