Sam's Toy Box: Toy pets without the mess

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Friday, November 19, 2021
Sam's Toy Box: Toy pets without the mess
Top toy pets include Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise, Rideamals Snack Time Blue and more.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Pets are a big responsibility, so if you need a little more time to make that commitment, these toys will help you out! And the good part is they're mess free!

We're starting with one that's fun and magical! The Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise for $9.99

"Kids still love the unboxing experience so I've started this and inside they're going to find one of their cute puppycorn," said Toy Insider Laurie Schacht.

Collectible eggs, stickers, and an easy to clean, make believe mess.

Next up: Peek-a-roo pet! Part panda and part kangaroo!

This soft plush interactive pet has more than 150 sounds and movements. And take a look at mama's belly! There's a baby in there ready to come out! On the market for $59.99

This next one is a splurge item. Rideamals Snack Time Blue for $139.

"She's a ride on, so kids can sit on her and behind her ear there's a button they push to make her move forward," Schact said.

And blue loves her snacks! Endless play for the kiddos!

Now this toy could change the way kids think of monsters in the closet.

The House Monster is a plush collectible item that comes in a box, allowing them to bond with a creature they may have been once afraid of and they're coming in at 16.99

Moji the Lovable Labradoodle is absolutely adorable! And full of interactivity. The perfect cuddle companion priced at $99.99.


-Packaged in a bright teal reusable egg sporting puppy ears, the puppy-focused unboxing experience reveals all-new Puppycorn plush characters, Scratch' N' Reveal Hearts, Scratch' N' Sniff Stickers, Boo-Boocorn Puppies, collectible eggs, Puppycorn Poop, and a collectors guide.

-There are seven Puppycorn plush to collect, including a Dachshund, a Pug, a Dalmatian, a Poodle, a Labrador, a Husky and the rare 'best in show' Show Bulldog.

-Ages: 3+

-MSRP: $9.99

-Available: Target, Walmart, Amazon


- Enter the ROO-niverse with Peek-A-Roo and Baby.

-Part panda, part kangaroo, this soft adorable plush pet features a magical interactive pouch with a surprise baby reveal and more than 150 sounds and actions.

-Kids press Momma-Roo's foot to begin the baby reveal and watch her pouch open and find one of three possible mystery babies.

-Momma-Roo can sense when her baby is near her cheek, on her head or in the pouch - move Baby-Roo to see how Momma-Roo reacts.

- With more than 10 games and songs, there are so many ways to play with the sweet Momma-Roo and Baby.

- After a fun-filled day of play, Momma-Roo can cuddle Baby-Roo by placing Baby-Roo into Momma-Roo's left arm. She'll begin to sing a lullaby and gently rock her baby to sleep - so cute!

- Ages: 5+

- MSRP: $59.99

- Available: Major retailers


- Food is part of the fun with Rideamals Snack Time Blue by Kid Trax! This interactive ride-on toy is the perfect playtime pal for little fans of Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues and You.

- Kids can ride, pet, or share a snack with Blue.

- Snack Time Blue features 20 unique sounds, and comes with three food accessories: a carrot, a strawberry, and a cookie (a veggie, a fruit, and a "sometimes" food).

- A top speed of 1.5 MPH offers the perfect blend of fun and safety, while Power Trax rubber traction strip tires keep the ride smooth and steady.

- The rechargeable 6-volt battery with Direct Connect One Step Charging System makes recharging easy, so the fun never has to stop for long.

-Ages: 18 MOS+

- MSRP: $139

- Available: Walmart


- Kids can finally meet the friendly monsters who hide around the house.

- Each collectible plush monster comes with its own habitat, something that kids would recognize from their house - like a refrigerator, bed, or attic.

- Characters include Munchy, Dizzy, Drowsy, Sudsy, Bumpy, and Fluffy.

- Munchy: Lives in the fridge and likes to eat chocolate cake! But his biggest fear is vegetables. Dizzy: Lives in the dryer, loves clean clothes. His biggest fear is dirty laundry. Drowsy: Lives under the bed! Her biggest fear is the vacuum. Sudsy: Lives in the dishwasher but cold water makes her nervous.

- Bumpy: He lives in the attic and loves spiderwebs! But hates spiders. Fluffy: She lives in the closet but hates smelly shoes.

- Ages: 3+

- MSRP: $16.99

- Available: Amazon,


- Moji is a soft, cuddly fur ball that responds to kids' voices and touch with more than 150 unique reactions.

- Moji's smart collar features a color screen that displays animated emojis that communicate his puppy thoughts. From feeling super excited to needing to go potty, you'll always know what Moji is feeling!

- Tail-wagging, head-tilting, and learning a dozen tricks such as "High Five!" and "Speak!" are just a few of the qualities that make Moji so life-like.

- Included are three physical accessories (two-sided bowl, chew rope, and grooming brush) that Moji recognizes and interacts with to help amp up roleplay.

- Ages: 4+

- MSRP: $99.99

- Available: Target

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