5 arrested during Trump protest in Chicago

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Thursday, November 10, 2016
5 arrested in Chicago Trump protest
Five people were arrested during a protest against President-elect Donald Trump in Chicago.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- People upset by the idea of Donald Trump's presidency filled the streets Wednesday in cities across America. They burned flags, climbed buildings and screamed expletives. Some protests didn't wrap up until early Thursday morning.

ABC News reports a total of 120 people were arrested at demonstrations across the nation. Five people were arrested in Chicago, 65 people were arrested in New York City, 13 people were arrested in Los Angeles, 30 people were arrested in Oakland and ten people were arrested in Richmond, Va.

The five protesters arrested in Chicago were charged with misdemeanors, police said. A 17-year-old boy, of north suburban Glenview, was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest. Ethan Boner, 21, of north suburban Morton Grove, was charged with criminal trespass. Ezekiel Givens III, 21, of the Far North Side of Chicago, was charged with reckless conduct. Marc D. Wilkinson, 27, of far southwest suburban Ottawa, was charged with obstructing traffic. Leo D. Dorsey, 26, was charged with obstructing traffic.

PHOTOS: Thousands of Trump demonstrators march in Chicago's Loop

Trump Tower in Chicago, located at North Wabash Avenue and the Chicago River, has become an epicenter for demonstrating the anger and angst many people feel regarding the president-elect.

"Obviously I respect Donald Trump as my president moving forward, but you can still be mad about things and voice your opinion," said Adam Kuhn, a Trump protester.

Thousands gathered in front of the tower Wednesday afternoon. Jason Rogers, another Trump protester, said for the most part, the protest was peaceful. But things did get physical at times. Video showed marchers that pushed up against Chicago police on foot and on horses.

After police asked the group to move to the corner of North Wabash Avenue and West Wacker Drive, they started marching and were joined by two other groups. CPD Communications Director Anthony Guglielmi said at that point, the crowd was estimated to be between 1,800 and 2,000 people.

As they traveled along Michigan Avenue and through the Loop, several people climbed on top of a CTA bus. They were holding signs that said, "Not My President."

Then the crowd shut down Lake Shore Drive and headed into the South Loop. The repeated refrain was a lot of anger and a lot of fear directed toward Trump.

"When we were on Lake Shore Drive, not everyone could get over that wall. Everyone kind of just jumped on the wall and helped everyone over. It was a melting pot of everyone who represents this county," Rogers said.

Some supporters of the president-elect also came out to Trump Tower during the protest, to show their solidarity with him.

Chicago police stopped by Trump Tower Thursday to prepare for any further demonstrations that may be held there. Metal gates were erected around the building.