Uber bans driver over conversations about taking advantage of drunk female passengers

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Friday, June 16, 2017
Uber bans driver over inappropriate conversations with passenger in San Jose
An Uber driver has been banned after a passenger released a recording of the driver saying he would take advantage of drunk female passengers.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Uber has acted swiftly to get a driver, who some are calling offensive, off the streets.

A passenger recorded the driver and sent in a complaint to the rideshare company. The driver is heard saying "My dream is to have some drunk chick by herself also going home at the end of my shift and she wants me to come in. That would be the perfect ending to my day."

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A man who wants to remain anonymous says that the recording is from a conversation with a passenger during a ride in San Jose's.

The driver is also heard saying, "Half the work is already done, man. She's isolated and she's drunk."

When a passenger asks if that would be taking advantage the driver says this, "I will get really drunk too and then I can't be held responsible."

The man who recorded the video told ABC7 News he thought the driver crossed the line, so he posted the video on Facebook as a warning to women in San Jose.

He also complained to Uber and says the company was very responsive.

Uber released a statement to ABC7 News that reads:

"The comments in this video are disturbing and do not represent our driver-partner community. This driver has been banned from Uber."

Frequent Uber users say they're happy about the swift action.

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"Cause it would make me extremely uncomfortable to know that they were okay with somebody who spoke like that driving their cars," said Marissa Garcia, an Uber user.

But some remain skeptical. "I don't know what Uber really does to ensure their drivers are qualified or that they are actually decent people," said Lenka Lukacova, an Uber user.

This week Former Attorney General Eric Holder released his recommendations to Uber in hopes of helping the embattled company eliminate workplace sexual harassment.