Timeline of U.S. and Cuba relations

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, left, and former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev hug at the United Nations in late 1960.
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The United States announced today a historic move that would normalize relations with nearby island country Cuba. Here is a breakdown of relations between Cuba and the United States over the years.

1959: After overthrowing Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in an armed revolt, Fidel Castro becomes the leader of Cuba.

1960: The U.S. implements an economic embargo against Cuba.

1961: The "Bay of Pigs" invasion occurs, where Cuban exiles trained by the CIA attempt to overthrow Castro.

1961: The Kennedy administration orders "Operation Mongoose" to destabilize the Cuban government and economy. "Operation Mongoose" also included plans to assassinate Castro.

1962: Castro feared an invasion by the U.S. and subsequently allowed the Soviet Union to place missiles on Cuban soil. The move caused panic throughout the U.S., with Americans thinking they were on the brink of war with the Soviet Union. The crisis was resolved when the Soviets pledged to remove their missiles from Cuba, underneath the guidelines that the U.S. remove theirs in Turkey.

1976: Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba.

1980: Almost 125,000 Cubans flee to the U.S. after the Cuban government allows anyone to leave with a permit. This caused a sudden influx of Cuban immigrants to the U.S., known as the "1980 Cuban Exodus."

1993: Cuba legalizes the U.S. dollar after facing economic turmoil. Cuba later accused the United States in October of tightening the embargo, which deprived Cubans of medicine and outer resources.

1994: Cuba and the U.S. reach an immigration agreement that the U.S. will accept 20,000 Cubans annually. This is under the provision that Cuba controls the exodus of its refugees.

2004: Cuba implements ban on transactions in U.S. dollars and imposes 10% tax on dollar-peso conversions.

2008: Castro announces he will not seek reelection for his role as President.

2014: President Obama announces moves to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba.