Track Meet: Val Warner's son and track star Max meets Olympic gold medalist uncle

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Saturday, February 24, 2024
Val Warner's son Max meets Olympic gold medalist uncle
Val Warner's son and track star Max got the chance to meet his great-great-uncle, Olympic gold medalist Dr. Gregory Bell.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This Black History Month, we're honoring the history and heritage of those making a difference.

And this story takes a deep look into Val's family roots. It's the ultimate "track meet"...

Her son Max got to meet his great, great uncle Greg.

Dr. Gregory Bell is a former track and field athlete who won an Olympic gold medal for the long jump in 1956.

"To my knowledge, there was no one else in my lineage who showed even a desire of the ability to do something noteworthy," Dr. Bell said.

At 93, he is about to meet his great, great nephew for the first time. A rising track and field athlete and two-time All-American in the triple jump, Maxwell Warner.

"You can't buy something like this," Dr. Bell said.

"I am hopeful that he's proud of me," Max said.

Max: Hey Uncle Greg.

Greg: Hi. Good to see you.

Max: Nice to meet you.

Greg: Good to hear about all your success. Boy, you got a chest full of medals.

Max: Thank you. I'm sure you did too back in the day.

Max: When I found out that I had an Olympian in my family, it made me confident. Almost like I could run fast. I could jump farther.

Greg: I want to see if I can see any of me. You've got some speed on you and that's necessary.

Max: Thank you. I get it from you.

Greg: If it in any way benefits his career, then I'm happy to do it. Because I didn't have any such thing.