Vegan dishes by The Barn Steakhouse chef Debbie Gold to start the new year on a healthier track

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) -- January is the month many people make resolutions to become healthier. It symbolizes a fresh start, and diet is usually top of mind when it comes to healthy lifestyle goals for the new year.

Many people commit the entire month to a lifestyle change. Two of the most popular challenges are "Veganuary" which means going vegan for the month. The other "Dry-January" or cutting out alcohol.

If skimping on meat and giving up that glass of red wine with dinner sounds like an impossible challenge, perhaps all you need a little push in the right direction. Instead of thinking about all the things you can't eat, think of all the things you can! Even some of your favorite dishes can be replicated -- minus the meat, booze and extra calories.

Chef Debbie Gold, the executive chef at The Barn Steakhouse shares some vegan dishes and mocktails that'll help you put your best foot forward.
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