Local Doll creator Tiffani Dean pays homage to Black women through her brand La Diva Dolls

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024
La Diva Dolls pays homage to Black women with their line of dolls
Each doll is one of a kind and poseable -- and there's also an option to create your own doll!

PHILADELPHIA -- Tiffani Dean is the owner of La Diva Dolls, crafting handmade dolls representing Black women and girls.

Dean has been making dolls for 27 years and started in hopes of helping provide for her family.

Each doll is one of a kind and poseable.

It wasn't until 2020 that her business gained more due to using Facebook Live and TikTok.

Dean now sells dolls and artwork on her website with the option of customizable dolls called Tailored Divas.

Her dolls have been shown at doll shows and The Colored Girl Museum.

Creating is an outlet that helps Dean with her mental health, and she hopes her dolls help Black women and girls feel recognized.

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