Walk and Talk therapist takes mental health help outdoors

ByJalyn Henderson Localish logo
Monday, January 25, 2021
Walk and Talk therapist takes mental health help outdoors
This therapist is hoping to help others by walking and talking.

CHICAGO -- In a year when people have been stuck inside their homes, many are struggling with mental health.

But one Chicago therapist is hoping to help by walking and talking.

"Walk and Talk therapy has been very helpful for my clients," said therapist Glenn Sevier. "The outdoors brings on a sense of mindfulness, awareness and most importantly a sense of connection."

Sevier started the unique approach to therapy in 2003 while working in a local high school.

He said many students felt uncomfortable about their depression or anxiety in his 'sterile' office. So he took their sessions to the empty hallways.

"It was overwhelming for them. They didn't feel comfortable coming to speak to me, so I wanted to find a different approach," Sevier said.

He's been walking with clients ever since. From Chicago's lakefront trail to nearby forest preserves to city streets, Sevier and his clients are out walking, regardless of the weather or season.

"The full range of seasons are pretty much like someone's emotions," Sevier said. "For me, if we can get through these seasons and still connect, we can still problem-solve, still work through conflicts, then I believe that's more than the battle. Human condition matches human nature."