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The Evolution of Farming - Episode 9
Meteorologist Tracy Butler talks with agribusiness expert and broadcaster Max Armstrong about how abandoned department stores and malls are helping replace lost farmland, how farmers are using their tractors as offices thanks to GPS, and why the Farm Bill affects more than just farmers.

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Top 5 Unique Tornadoes in the US - Episode 8
A tornado that turned cornstalks into hail. A tornado that killed 45,000 migrating ducks. A tornado that stayed on the ground for 6 hours. Phil Schwarz discusses some of the most unusual tornadoes in the U.S.

More Info: 2015 Lookback at the Plainfield Tornado

Mark Goodwin, Plainfield, Ill., recovers his golf club from his apartment that was destroyed when tornados swept through northeastern Illinois area Tuesday, Aug. 28, 1990.

AP Photo/Fred Jewell, File

What Would Your Horticulturist Do? - Episode 7
If you plant early, you may plant often. The average frost-free day is upon us, but find out why you may want to wait a tiny bit longer to plant. Plus, keeping baby bunnies away from your bulbs, and why your front yard is like a teenage boy.

Gardening Products Discussed:
Fungicides / Insecticides combinations for Crabapples, roses, peonies, boxwood:
BioAdvanced All-In-One Rose

Insecticides for Magnolia:
Bio-Advanced Tree & Shrub
Bonide Tree & Shrub

Fertilizer / Pre-emergent for lawns:
Scott's Step 1 for seeding

Grass seed for lawns:

Sunny, Shade, Sun & Shade, Extreme dense Shade

Vegetable Garden rejuvenation:
Dr. Earth Vegetable Garden mix

Fertilizer for all garden plants as they wake up:
Dr. Earth Rose & Flower, D.E. Tomato, Veg & Herb, D.E. Bud & Bloom
Espoma Hollytone

Repellents for animals:
Liquid Fence for Rabbits liquid
Repels-All liquid and granular
PlantSkydd liquid and granular

The Aquarius Project Pt. II - Episode 6

The small, student-built sled designed to search the bottom of massive Lake Michigan for meteorite fragments. Meteorologist Larry Mowry continues his discussion with the Adler Planetarium's Teen Programs Manager Chris Bresky.

The Aquarius Project Pt. I - Episode 5
A meteor shoots across the sky. The fireball is seen for hundreds of miles across the Midwest. The fall even registers on the radar. Adler Planetarium's Teen Programs Manager Chris Bresky tells us why the exciting hunt for that meteorite treasure by some intrepid local students will be incredibly tedious, time consuming, and likely even anti-climactic.

Aquarius Project
National Geographic's Open Explorer
Adler Planetarium's forthcoming Aquarius Project podcast series
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What Is It That You Do Here? - Episode 4

Larry's notes on how he comes up with his 7-day forecast

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