Texas man writes rap song about Whataburger getting sold to Chicago bank

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Sunday, July 14, 2019
Waco man writes rap song about Whataburger being sold to bank
"This can't be a thing," he says. "You might be thinking love, but I know it's a fling."

WACO, Texas -- It's safe to say Texans have been having mixed feelings ever since Whataburger announced it's being sold to a Chicago investment firm after 69 years of family ownership.

So one fan decided to write a rap about it.

In a new video that's become a sensation on Facebook, Matt Upshaw and his friends in Waco perform a rap song expressing their undying love for the popular food chain.

"Okay, baby, so you got me in limbo, you went and left me for a guy in Chicago," says Upshaw in the two-minute song. "This can't be a thing. You might be thinking love, but I know it's a fling."

The video has garnered more than 30,000 views on Facebook and hundreds of shares.

"This is literally just a joke type of video that just came out and now we're going all in," said Upshaw. "We're going to make a little more content to put on the Facebook page, keep it going, and if people love it, I'm the man of the people."

Whataburger responded to fans in an open letter via Twitter shortly after its announcement in June.

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