ReMix brings French, Italian and Filipino exquisite flavors to Long Beach diners

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Chef Ross Pangilinan introduces an Omakase-style tasting experience at his newest Southern California concept in Long Beach.

The new ReMix Kitchen Bar showcases Pangilinan's unique and modern style combining French, Italian and Filipino flavors in one eclectic menu.

"It's got a little bit of everything. I mean, it was just a good choice of foods put together," said Marian Duong of Huntington Beach.

"Our food has bold flavors, bright flavors, it's fresh," said Pangilinan, owner of ReMix Kitchen Bar.

Tastes you won't find anywhere else, like the pork cheek adobo with garlic fried rice - a new take on his grandmother's family recipe.

"We use Filipino vinegar, Filipino soy sauce, a lot of peppercorns, a lot of garlic," explained Pangilinan. "When braising the pork cheek, we braise it until it's tender."

Inside ReMix, you'll take notice of restaurant walls decked out with skateboarding artwork, a nostalgic nod to Pangilinan's other passion while growing up.

"When I'm working, it's a challenge that I love. It's fun. It's like skateboarding," said Pangilinan. "When you're trying to learn a trick, you keep on trying that trick until you land it."

"We love that the menu always changes too and get to try new stuff," said David Garcia of Long Beach.

For the latest Pangilinan creations, head to ReMix Kitchen Bar located at the Long Beach Exchange (LBX) on 4069 N Lakewood Blvd.

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