9 women, United Airlines pilot charged in prostitution bust

HOUSTON -- Search warrants show arrests made in a recent Harris County prostitution sting happened in office buildings and apartment units.

Several women were charged with prostitution in relation to the alleged brothels ring run by United Airlines pilot Bruce Wallis and accused accomplice Tracie Tanner.

"There was constant traffic throughout the day. Honestly, it wasn't just limited to a specific time of the day," said Christian Barsoun, who lives next door to one of the suspected prostitution apartments. "She never made any communication with us, wasn't very friendly. Obviously traffic was a red flag as well. So we figured something was a little odd."

In court Thursday, a young woman who goes by the name "Emmy" stood silently in front of a judge. She is among eight women charged with prostitution.

Emmy, though, said she did not know any of the other women until they were all arrested, and placed in jail.

"We are all really mind-boggling about what's going on and why we are all together," said Emmy. "It wasn't really brought up until I was in jail, and I met the other people who were involved in this."

That message is echoed by attorneys for Katherine Rejouis, one of the other women accused of prostitution.

Mug shots of women arrested in connection with United pilot case

"My suspicion that Katherine couldn't pick Wayne (Wallis) out if he fell out of the crowd," said Chris Downey, who is representing Rejouis. "We're going to find out why it is she's being implicated in all this."

In his court appearance earlier this week, Wallis' attorney pushed back against the charges. Meanwhile, Tanner's attorney painted his client as a victim, pointing out she is a mother struggling to raise five children.

Prosecutors allege women met customers in several Houston area locations, including this nondescript office building at Highway 290 near the North Loop.

On Thursday afternoon, we went looking for some of the other women who were charged. They did not want to comment on the record. But Emmy said she is still waiting for a reasonable explanation of the prosecution charges.

"We are all very, very, very confused. Everyone, like the police and a few lawyers I have spoken to about this, we are all extremely confused as to how the hell were all bunched together on this. No correlation at all," she said.

Arrests were made at the following locations:
  • 11500 Northwest Freeway Suite 555

  • 10333 Northwest Freeway Suite 324

  • 10303 Northwest Freeway Suite 435

  • 10301 Northwest Freeway Suite 514

  • 6601 Hillcroft Suite 204

  • 5645 Hillcroft Suite 501

  • 6223 Richmond Ave Suite 205

  • 7457 Harwin Suite 217

  • 7447 Harwin Suite 206

  • 7457 Harwin Suite 240

  • 5330 Beverly Hill Apt 3

  • 4727 West Alabama Apt 207

  • 10303 Northwest Freeway Suite 3401

  • 0303 Northwest Freeway Suite 523

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