'One of a kind': Pa. Goodwill employees discuss finding 14K gold Bionicle Lego

BySarah Bloomquist, 6abc Digital Staff WPVI logo
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
'One of a kind': Goodwill employees discuss finding 14K gold Lego
'One of a kind': Goodwill employees discuss finding 14K gold Lego

PHILADELPHIA -- The internet has been buzzing about the discovery of a 14-karat gold piece called the Bionicle Golden Kanohi Hau mask. It was found at a Goodwill store in central Pennsylvania.

The single Lego sold at auction last week for more than $18,000.

Chad Smith, the head of e-commerce at the Goodwill in Dubois, said it arrived in a grab bag of jewelry and they had no idea what they had on their hands.

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"We didn't know it was worth anything until people started asking if they could buy it for $1,000," he said. "One of a kind."

There were a total of 48 bids, but the winner got the sought-after piece for $18,101. The buyer, who is from the State College area, wants to remain anonymous.

Smith said the money from the auction will go to supporting Goodwill's mission of helping people with life challenges.

"The money goes to support our mission, which is opportunity, education, training and work," he said. "It will provide a lot of opportunities for training and work."