Llama Drama: Animal loose on busy road

WATKINSVILLE, GA -- When Oconee County Sheriff's Office's received a call about a baby camel on the loose, they answered no prob-llama.

Chief Deputy Lee Weems commented that while his deputies are not trained in South American camel identification, they quickly determined that the animal in question was actually a llama.

Deputies, with the assistance of several llama experts who just happened to be traveling on Epps Bridge Road at that exact moment, managed to corral the llama in the dumpster area behind a restaurant. The restaurant, Cook Out, provided a bag of carrots to help lure the llama.

Contact was made with the llama's owner and the owner's son came to the scene with a van to haul the llama home. Chief Weems says he asked the llama why it was running around town, but it refused to answer questions. He thinks this may be because he doesn't speak Spanish nor any of the native Peruvian languages.

The llama may have just heard about the severe weather heading that way this weekend and decide to alpaca his bags.

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