Woman accused of making ad seeking sex for husband's alleged mistress

HOUSTON, Texas -- Today, we'll find out what's next for a woman accused of creating a fake Craigslist ad soliciting sex for her husband's alleged mistress.

Tamantha Johnson is charged with felony online impersonation.

According to court documents, Johnson posted a Craigslist ad last year with nude pictures of the woman she believed was having an affair with her husband soliciting sex from married men.

The victim claims she received 100 inquiries to her personal cell phone along with some unwanted photos of naked men.

Johnson is also accused of creating posts on so-called cheater websites accusing the victim of cheating with her husband.

Investigators traced an IP address registered to the Baylor College of Medicine where Johnson worked for several years.

Johnson's husband is the victim's divorce attorney.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.
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