Chicago Catholic schools may switch to remote learning after Thanksgiving, Archdiocese says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some of Chicago's Catholic schools will be going to remote learning, according to the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese has not released details yet but says a new survey of parents, teachers, and administrators shows that 80% of schools want to stay in-person while the other 20% do not.

Those that don't want to stay in the classroom will move to remote learning sometime after Thanksgiving.

The Archdiocese reassures that there have been very few COVID-19 cases in its schools.


"Our Catholic school teachers and principals continue to do an outstanding job of providing in-person instruction during these unprecedented challenges. We have had fewer than 10 possible cases of secondary spread of the COVID-19 virus in our schools, and we remain extremely confident in our health and safety protocols.

However, in light of the recent rise in the general infection rate, and the warnings about travel during the holidays, the Office of Catholic Schools and the Archdiocese COVID Task Force, surveyed parents, principals and other school employees early last week to gauge their comfort with in-person learning in December. In 80 percent of schools, there was strong support to stay the course of providing in-person and remote learning options. On Friday, we notified the other 20 percent of schools that we would work with them on any need for alternate plans, which may include moving to remote learning for some or all of the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's too soon to say which schools will be switching to remote learning.

This flexible approach takes into account the varying infection rates in different neighborhoods and communities throughout the archdiocese. We have always said that we will respond to the continued evolution of the pandemic and continue working with local health departments to keep the safety and wellbeing of our students and employees our top priority."
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