All-Christmas music radio 2016 begins for Chicago's 93.9 FM

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Christmas presents

CHICAGO -- It's an annual tradition in Chicago that more recently has begun early in November.

This year, listeners got to guess on which day 93.9 FM would kick off it's all-Christmas music programming, which in years past has started as early as November 1.

"For the past few weeks, we've asked listeners to go to and take a guess at when they think we're flipping to Christmas music," said Mick Lee, 93.9 MYfm Program Director. "With thousands of submissions, it's clear that Chicagoland is ready for the holidays!"

It's the 16th year for the programming.

MYfm also announced the Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower is also making an early flip to Christmas colors.

The station's music officially flipped at 4:05 p.m. Thursday. The Skydeck followed suit at 5 p.m.