ABC7 Meteorologists Jerry Taft and Cheryl Scott take on new assignments

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
ABC7 Chicago Meteorologists Jerry Taft and Cheryl Scott.
ABC7 Chicago Meteorologists Jerry Taft and Cheryl Scott.

CHICAGO (NEWS RELEASE) (WLS) -- Two members of ABC 7 Chicago's First Alert Weather Team, Meteorologists Jerry Taft and Cheryl Scott, are taking on new assignments beginning Monday, August 1, 2016 it was announced today by Jennifer Graves, Vice President and News Director, ABC 7 News.

ABC 7 Chief Meteorologist Jerry Taft will now forecast weather for ABC 7's top-rated 6 PM newscast as well as the 7 PM newscast on WCIU-TV.

Meteorologist Cheryl Scott's new assignments will include forecasting weather on ABC 7's top-rated 10 PM newscast. She will also continue to keep viewers up-to-date on Chicago's changing weather scene during the station's 4 PM and 5 PM newscasts.

"After all the late nights doing weather for more than 20 years, I'm really looking forward to handing off the late shift to someone who is as passionate about weather as Cheryl Scott. It will be great to get home at a decent hour and hit the sack earlier. Maybe the extra sleep will improve my golf game" Taft quipped.

Cheryl Scott said, "Jerry is a fantastic meteorologist and knows Chicago weather inside and out. He's also a good friend and mentor. I'm honored to continue working with Jerry and the rest of our weather team as I take on the 10 PM newscast."