Amazon's DeepRacer League drives Chicago students into world of AI, machine learning

'We're using machines and learning to code a car then racing it'
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Students on Chicago's South Side got a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning on Saturday.

"We're using machines and learning to code a car then racing it," said student Trevaughn Scott.

Amazon Web Service's Deep Racer League partnered with the Chicago Collegiate Middle School to bring the experience front and center for students.

The students train and code a virtual model of a car and then it downloads into this physical version which races around a track.

"They get to learn that the AI is not perfect," said Kendall Hudson, senior program manager. "It's not like the movies, it has to learn how to do something and then once it gets it, it navigates itself around the track."

The exposure is critical for these student. While some are just getting their feet wet with the technology, others students are finding their true passion.

"It's exposure to different careers that they otherwise wouldn't hear about other than reading it in a book. So it's a wonderful amazing opportunity," said Robins Johnson, Chicago Collegiate Middle School principal.

The students with the fastest models also have a chance to win scholarships to help them pursue a future career in AI and ML.
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