Watch: Viral Instagram video shows Philadelphia family getting kicked off American Airlines flight

It's unclear why the situation escalated to the point of the family being kicked off.
PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia couple at the center of a viral Instagram video is asking followers to share posts that show footage of the family being kicked off the plane.

In the video, a woman holding her newborn is shown speaking to the flight crew before leaving Charlotte for Philadelphia. She said, "I didn't get aggressive with her. The young man back there who said I got aggressive, he wasn't even there. He's all the way in the back. I didn't do anything."

The flight attendant is then heard explaining that the decision for the family to leave was made by the captain.

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The family then tells the staff that the captain wasn't there to see what happened.

The father who recorded the video of his family being asked to leave the flight has expressed his outrage on Instagram.

In one post he wrote:

"Today could've been avoided with a little human decency and compassion.... I ask you had my queen not been black... would this have occurred. The question is unequivocally no! @americanair we need answers! Please continue to share we need justice!!!"

While still recording, the father said, "I just want this to be known that she has a newborn, you're putting her off the plane due to the negligence and unprofessionalism of one of your staff members. She did absolutely nothing."

It's unclear why the situation escalated to the point of the family being kicked off.

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The father wrote in another Instagram post:

"@ameicanair your staff is absolutely disrespectful!!!! Kicked a new mother and our 7 week old baby off the plane for absolutely nothing!!!! We are coming for them this is absolutely unacceptable!!!!! Please share!!!!! We need answers!!!!! I need answers asap!!!!"

Action News reached out to the couple for comment, but they have not gotten back to us.

An American Airlines spokesperson responded to Action News in a statement:

"We are actively looking into an incident involving a family traveling with us from CLT to PHL on Sunday, Dec. 5. Our values demand that all customers are treated fairly and with respect, and we find the video posted by the family concerning. We have reached out to the customers involved to understand their experience, and are seeking additional information from other passengers on board and team members who were present. This matter has our full attention and we will take appropriate action as necessary."

The family plans on taking further action.
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