Pit bull rescue: Dog adopted after video shows owner throwing animal over razor-wire fence in CA

Pit bull mix tossed over 8-foot fence, left for dead

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Friday, January 6, 2023
Dog adopted after being tossed over razor wire in Riverside County
A pit bull mix who was seen on video being left for dead when he was tossed over an 8-foot fence topped with razor wire in Riverside County has found himself a forever home.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- There was a happy ending for a dog who was seen on video being thrown over a wire fence and abandoned under a cellphone tower in California.

The dog, an 8-year-old pit bull mix now named Ken, has been adopted - only a day after video of the heartbreaking abuse was publicized.

An Orange County woman, identified only as Jennifer, saw the video and felt compelled to adopt Ken, according to Riverside County, California Animal Services.

The video shows a man, later identified as a Riverside County resident, picking up a dog and hurling him over a fence surrounding a cellphone tower. The dog catches on the razor wire on top of the fence as he falls over to the other side. He then turns to watch as his owner simply walks away.

"The video is shocking, the most horrible act of willful abandonment with the suspect throwing the dog clearly over 8 feet of fence and razor wire," said Animal Services Cmdr. Josh Sisler.

The incident happened on Dec. 15.

Riverside County man abandons dog after throwing it over razor wire fence

A Riverside County man is wanted in connection to a shocking surveillance video which shows him picking up a dog and hurling it over a fence surrounding a cell phone tower.

Maintenance workers for the cell tower discovered the dog several hours later. They provided the thirsty canine with water and contacted the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

"Luckily for the dog, it did hit the razor wire but it did not sustain any injuries," said Sisler.

The dog was microchipped, with records indicating his name was KO. County officials were able to identify the registered owner and are seeking an arrest warrant for 30-year-old Robert Ruiz for willful abandonment of an animal.

If the dog had not been found in time, he likely would have died in the confined space, which had no food, officials say.

KO was renamed Ken.

Video released by Animal Services showed him looking happy as shelter workers walked and played with him.

A Riverside County Animal Services employee walks Ken, a dog who was rescued after a man threw him over a wire fence and abandoned him.

Animal Services treated him for a minor eye infection, and said his disposition was friendly despite enduring the abuse.