Family of man, 22, killed in Portage Park Chicago police shooting still have questions after Anthony Alvarez video release

COPA Anthony Alvarez: Investigative agency recommends officer who shot 22-year-old be relieved of police powers

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Thursday, April 29, 2021
Anthony Alvarez Chicago police shooting videos released
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Anthony Alvarez Chicago police shooting videos released

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Days after the family first saw the footage showing some of the last moments of 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez's life, questions remain.

It's still not clear why police chased Alvarez through Portage Park.

Alvarez's family is still demanding answers despite the release of various videos Wednesday, showing some of what happened the night a Chicago police officer fatally shot him.

"I don't understand why they killed him," said Veronica Alvarez, Anthony's mother.

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The grieving mother is still unsure why her 22-year-old son is dead, shot as he ran away from police just a block away from his home last month.

It was shortly after 1 a.m. on March 31.

Alvarez cut through a gas station in Portage Park with Chicago police following.

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Moments later, on a second camera, he's seen running, and tosses shopping bags as officers drive closer.

The police report states it was an "investigatory stop" for a person with gun.

Officers then chase him through an alley for more than a half-minute, onto a residential street.

A pistol appears to be in his right hand and a "glowing" phone in his left.

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"The video certainly suggests enough for the police to make a claim that it was reasonable," ABC 7 Chicago legal analyst Gil Soffer said. "It was a split second decision and that it was reasonable for us, but we also have someone who was shot in the back while he was fleeing, and wasn't aiming the weapon at the police officers."

As Alvarez is shot, a gun ends up a few feet away. A CPD photo of a 9 mm, with a 17-round magazine and laser sight was later released in connection with the incident.

Alvarez can be heard in the video asking police why he was shot.

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The officer who shot him has spent six years with CPD. He's been identified in police reports as Evan Solano.

Solano is currently on a 30-day paid administrative leave.

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The independent agency investigating the deadly use of force, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, isn't commenting on Solano's history, but, in a rare recommendation, they are asking Chicago police officials to strip Solano of his police powers during the course of the investigation.

To watch the full, unedited videos, visit the COPA website.