FBI searches house in Lake in the Hills

LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. An FBI spokesperson said they were executing a search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation.

One person was arrested and charged with possession of an illegal toxin.

Edward Bachner IV, the apparent owner of the home, appeared Monday night is U.S. District Court in Rockford, Illinois. He is charged with possession of the illegal substance Tetrodoxin, according to the FBI, it's the most powerful human poison known to man. The toxin is a naturally occurring material that comes from blowfish.

Agents were in hazardous material suits and a Kane County bomb squad vehicle was at the house as well.

The FBI says there was no danger to residents in the 5700-block of McKenzie Drive. They also say it is not a terrorism case.

Images from Chopper 7 HD show officers in protective clothing and masks passing through pools of water in the driveway of the home.

The feds say Bachner was trying to get his hands on a toxic substance. They say he was trying to purchase one of the most powerful poisons known to man. What they don't know yet is what he intended to do with the 98 milligrams of TTX, which comes from the puffer fish. The special agent in charge, Bob Holley, says it can be used to kill.

"Absolutely. It is poison. Absolutely it could be used to kill someone," Holley said.

Bachner supposedly picked up a shipment Monday morning, but the company alerted the FBI. Bachner claimed he was a doctor doing research. But an alert employee of the chemical supplier grew suspicious because of the large quantity being ordered. So the feds set up a sting.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force searched Bachner's Lake in the Hills home all Monday. They washed items removed from the home in a swimming pool set up on the driveway, all of this in front of the neighbors that are more than a little freaked out.

"Somebody said something, there was a bomb earlier, hopefully that's not it either. There's kids here. Hopefully we can be safe. We want to feel safe," said Robin Smith, neighbors.

Jeff Block says he and Bachner have been close friends ever since they moved in.

"A small group at church, I'm shocked anything like this is happening. He's a great guy, normal guy," said Block.

Block says Hachner was working as a financial advisor. Neighbors say they did not know of any problems. Bachner's next court appearance will be Wednesday.

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