Gary businessman opens 'The Obama Shop'

Someone You Should Know
February 17, 2009 3:46:13 PM PST
A temporary business has flourished thanks to the election of President Barack Obama. People in Gary, Ind., continue to look for memorabilia honoring the nation's first African-American president. That's good news for one Northwest Indiana family, who opened the Obama Shop.

Before inauguration day, Corsair Graphics was inconspicuous business in Gary's Miller District. Now, it's known as the "Obama Shop."

Owner Floyd Williams planned to operate it until Obama became president. However, customers keep coming.

"We have done no advertising...the word has spread and people are finding us seeking us out," said Williams. "Our expectation was that we'd wait it out until it petered out. But, it never did. It continues to go."

Using the latest digital equipment Williams and family began creating posters, calendars, signs key chains stickers and buttons with the Obama likeness. One standup image is 6'1" and exactly proportioned to the presidents physique. Williams' son, Lex, is one of the creative influences in the business.

"It's been a transformational experience in possibility so it's been very great to be able to commemorate that with things that people can have and keep forever and treasure in their homes," said Lex Williams.

During the campaign, Obama often declared that this is our time and so appropriately enough it has become an inscription on a clock.

With few exceptions most of the items in the shop are produced there including the coffee cups. An offering of locally produced DVDs of Grant Park on election night is also available.

"The inspiration generated by Barack Obama was like nothing anybody had ever seen before it called out to people in our community to get in on this," said Floyd Williams. "Basically we thought we needed to step up to the plate and be a part of this thing from a creative standpoint."

The Obama Shop
5725 Miller Avenue

Gary, Ind.

219 938 8317