Des Plaines River remains ID'd as male

May 27, 2009 But on Wednesday night, the disappearances of Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic remain unsolved as investigators reveal the remains are those of a man.

Investigators found only parts of a body and they were badly decomposed. Results from the autopsy were inconclusive so DNA tests were conducted. And now that investigators say the remains are from a man two mysteries remain unsolved.

A clean-up crew found the remains on the Des Rlaines river one week ago.

There was no head or arms but there was a rib cage, spinal column and parts of the left and right femur. There was also shredded jeans and a small amount of money found.

At the time, one of the people who discovered the body thought it was a woman. But DNA tests confirmed that it was a man.

Speculation had swirled about whether the badly decomposed body was one of two women whose disappearances have drawn national attention: Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic.

On Wednesday night, Stebic's relatives say these developments are once again disappointing.

"We've been through this roller coaster ride where a body is found and the initial id leads us to hope and then the hopes come crashing down," said Melanie Greenberg, Lisa Stebic's cousin.

Stacy Peterson's husband drew who is in the Will County Jail - charged with murdering his third wife Kathleen Savio - called into the WLS radio show of Mancow and Cassidy on Wednesday morning before the results of the DNA tests.

Peterson didn't talk about his wife, but on Wednesday night his attorney released a statement which says, in part it: "This isn't the fist time the media has jumped to conclusions and tried to solve a case based on incomplete information."

The Will County coroner says the remains belong to an unidentified man.

According to Greenberg, there are three missing men in that area and an investigation to identify the person is underway.

Police are looking through missing persons reports from all over the country.

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