Greyhounds available for adoption in Chicago area

October 8, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE) Four and a half years ago a kennel left Dairyland and opened at Ebro, Florida, and we were made aware of the very desperate pet situation there.

Linda Cliffel, Adoption Coordinator for Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption, and Barbara Karant, President of Greyhounds Only, committed to find a way to bring Dairyland dogs back as pets, and to help as many other Panhandle pets as possible. Thus began the NoCo, working in partnership with Ann Bollens, President, and the volunteers of GPA Emerald Coast, who were already hard at work and in place to move pets from Ebro and Pensacola.

The NoCo grew, with the addition of adoption groups in Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin -- all joined together in an effort to bring the pets north.

Since those early days of moving 8 or 10 dogs at a time with volunteer drivers, we have progressed to today's hauls, bringing 50 dogs at a time from the Panhandle.

The NoCo has moved more than 600 pets from the Panhandle; we have moved 354 so far this year, including 26 Dairyland racers that went to Ebro after Dairyland closed, and now have come "back home" to retire.

The next NoCo haul departs September 24 from Pensacola, with a second haul arriving on October 3. We hope to expand the NoCo with new groups, and will move dogs from the Panhandle as often and as soon as we can - currently more than 200 are waiting, with dogs added to the "pet" list every day. It is our goal for each and every racer to have a bright future in retirement. - Linda Cliffel, NoCo Coordinator

For adoption process (the application is on the website) as well as location for donations:

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