Superman movie shoots in Chicago

September 7, 2011 (CHICAGO)

You may spot the superhero's cape and tights in Chicago along with super changes. Trailers, tents, a lot of people and some no-parking signs were set up along South Wells.

"We just wanted to come down, see the set, maybe see some celebrities, see if we could possibly get on set, or see them filming," said Columbia College film student Natalie Abraham.

How much anyone will see of the next 10 days of shooting, however, is the big question. Autumn Frost, which is the code name for the new Superman movie "Man of Steel," is being awfully secretive with their shoot times and locations.

ABC7 started out at base camp near Wacker and Van Buren Thursday and followed the signs pointing to the set. Those ended at the Willis Tower, but then nothing, business as usual.

Betsy Steinberg is from the Illinois Film Office.

"As far as I know, the next 10 days are under lock and key," Steinberg said, "so I don't think we're going to find out much."

Still, ABC7 was able to catch a brief glimpse of Laurence Fishburne. The actor plays Perry White, Clark Kent's boss at The Daily Planet.

Speaking of The Daily Planet, the Chicago Board of Trade building will represent the exterior of the famed metropolis newspaper, while the inside scenes will be shot at Willis Tower.

Superman himself is played by a new talent, British actor Henry Cavill. Amy Davis is Lois Lane, while Kevin Costner and Diane Lane will play Mr. and Mrs. Kent.

For aspiring Chicago filmmakers Brandon and Austin Davis, just being near it all is inspiring enough.

"Chicago is becoming this new commodity for film. I'm noticing it's growing," said Austin Davis. "It's about time. I'm going to come out for the action, catch everything that I can, and fill fans in on it with my own camera"

"My goal is to get in that director's chair," said Brandon Davis. "Maybe I can see Russell Crowe, maybe I can see the star, who knows. This is fantastic, you have no idea."

The film, which is the biggest to come to Chicago since Transformers, started shooting last month in Plano, which will represent Smallville on the big screen.

And, just like Transformers, and The Dark Knight before it, Man of Steel is expected to have a huge impact on the local economy.

"You don't just have people from LA staying in hotels and renting cars," Steinberg said. "You also have locals working. You have local caterers who feed 300 people several times a day shopping in our grocery stores. You have sets being built, you have carpenters, builders, welders."

Russell Crowe will play Superman's biological father.

The film is not expected to be released until June 2013.

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