Outlaws biker gets 60 years

October 28, 2011 (CHICAGO)

That term is part of the federal sentence handed down Friday. In tonight's intelligence report: this is the end of an alliance between the Outlaws and the Outfit.

Mike Polchan was the leader of the "Double-O Alliance" - the Outlaws biker gang and the Outfit - the mob.

For decades, bikers and mobsters in Chicago were thought to be at odds, butting heads at times for control of the same criminal turf. But in 2003, federal agents discovered that some suburban gangsters and some Chicago bikers struck a criminal alliance.

The bombing of a video poker machine company - C and S Coin Operated Amusements - that had been cutting into the mob's illegal gambling rackets was the incident that put the first wedge into that alliance.

After federal authorities raided Outlaw clubhouses in Chicago, seizing weapons, a live grenade, police badges and body armor, they made arrests including, Outlaw biker Polchan, whose tattoo stands for "God forgives, Outlaws don't."

Friday in court, Polchan learned that judges don't forgive either. Polchan was sentenced to 60 years in prison by federal judge Ronald Guzman. The 43-year old biker had been convicted last December in the bomb attack on that Berwyn company and a series of jewel heists.

Federal prosecutors and government agents leaving federal court Friday afternoon said Polchan was at "the epicenter of organized criminal society."

Polchan's attorneys argued that he was also a "loving father to his three children."

His counterpart in the Outfit, west suburban mob boss Mike "The Large Guy" Sarno, was supposed to be sentenced Friday, but his date was moved to next month.

Early in the investigation, Sarno was reluctant to discuss the Double-O Alliance. Asked about working with the Outlaws, Sarno said: "No comment means no comment."

Investigators say they hope this case was the beginning and is the end of the coalition between the Outlaws and the Outfit.

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