Woman in labor votes en route to hospital

November 6, 2012 (DOLTON, Ill.)

The south suburban mom was determined to vote in her first presidential election.

It happened at the aptly-named New Life Church in Dolton.

Poll workers at Precinct 75 were stunned when a very pregnant Malone, 21, walked in.

"And she asked for a chair, she said, because she was in labor. So I said, 'Oh my God,'" said election judge Frankie Shine.

"She was actually happy about it," said election judge Kija Bozeman. "It was her first time voting, so first time voting, first-time child. It was exciting for her."

It was around 8:30, at the height of the morning voting rush.

Election judges moved Malone through the line and sat her at a booth. A few minutes later, with her civic duty complete, the mother-to-be headed to the hospital.

"She was already in pain. You know, because I was noticing. And when she left, she seemed to have more of a stress on her face than she did going in," said Will Bobo, the Precinct 75 captain.

"She wanted to make sure that she voted before her baby came, and she wanted to make sure that she got that out of the way first," said Bozeman.

Cook County election officials say they are in contact with Malone, but declined to say to which hospital she went after voting.

"They got her to the polling place... hurried her through, she got to vote. And she was rushed to the hospital to have her baby. So that was a very committed person," said Cook County Clerk David Orr.

On Tuesday, voters at Precinct 75 are taking Malone's dedication to heart.

"I hope she has a... good delivery, and I hope she knows that her vote counted. And just have a safe and happy baby," said voter Carla Fullilove.

"If a lady getting ready to have a baby that knows she's going to have it today is going to vote, everybody should vote. It makes no difference who you're voting for -- cast your vote," said Bobo.

ABC7 has not been able to reach Malone or her immediate family, but the mother-to-be told a south suburban newspaper that she voted for President Barack Obama.

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