Photoshop model transformation shows 'it's not real', contributor said

November 1, 2013

Laura Willard, a contributor on, shared a time-lapse video of the drastic digital changes a model can under go. She said she wants her daughter to understand that when it comes to body image in media, beauty is often photoshopped.

"Even back when I was - by society standards - thin and in really good shape and healthy, it was never good enough for me," Laura Willard said. "I want my daughter to see this video and I want her to see more like it because it makes it apparent how unrealistic this really is."

Global Democracy first posted the video in 2012, petitioning for disclaimers on airbrushed ads. But overnight, since Willard reposted parts of it on it's racked up almost 4 million views.

The attractive, average-sized model is glammed up with hair and makeup from the start. But then she's photoshopped, her nose and lips tweaked, eyes enlarged, and her torso shrunk. Next, her legs, arms and neck are elongated, and her backside sculpted. Finally, glowing skin. All that in 37 seconds.

"That's not how people look. It's not real," Willard said. <,/pP>

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