Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: 2nd try at the same love and the 1st Paradise roast

'Let's be honest, who needs dating apps when you can just be a reoccurring contestant on reality TV?' Katie Thurston said

ByAlexandra George OTRC logo
Friday, November 17, 2023
Katie and Blake talk for the first time since their breakup
Katie and Blake talk on the beach for the first time since their breakup.

NEW YORK -- There will not be a new episode of Bachelor next Thursday, as it will be Thanksgiving, so let's hope there was enough drama in this episode to tide us over until November 30.

Last week, we were left with wondering who Michael would take on his date, and whether or not Kat and John Henry will last. Plus, we got a preview of another Bachelorette entering Paradise.

Michael and Olivia's first date

Michael decides to take Olivia on a date, and everyone on the beach seems pleased with his decision. Olivia has had some tough luck on the beach after Will and John Henry chose other women over her, so hopefully this is her chance at a true love connection. However, Olivia does not seem to be sure of who she is going out with.

"These are my last few days of being single. My ring size? TBD. But just know, I am about to be taken," Olivia said.

"What was his name again?" a producer asked.

"I don't know," Olivia said as she stepped off screen. "The waves were so loud I literally couldn't hear him."

Olivia and Michael have a date filled with dancing and making out, and Olivia really seems to like Michael's dimples.

"I am excited to see where this could go," she said.

Two new men enter Paradise

Jordan, from Rachel and Gabby's season, and Taylor, from Charity's season, make their way down to the beach. Both men had short-lived journeys on their seasons of "The Bachelorette." Taylor was sent home on the first night, and Jordan was sent home after he went on Rachel's first date. Jesse tells the two that only one of them will be getting a date card.

Jordan says he has not seen Rachel since March of the previous year and thinks a connection with her is "maybe worth exploring again." Meantime, Taylor says if he had a date card, he would take Mercedes out.

Jordan gets the date card and asks Rachel to join him on the date, after the two of them talked about their untimely breakup.

"You did not deserve that," Rachel said. "I do wish we could have at least had a little bit of a chance. But I made that mistake, so I am sorry."

Jordan and Rachel's second first date

Jordan and Rachel have a tantric yoga date.

"We're going to catch up really quick," Rachel said. "This is so awkward because I know we haven't talked in a year and a half, but can I sit on you?"

I do not know if it is the tantra, or the fact that the two of them have dated before, but this is the first time this season I feel like I have seen a true love connection developing on a date. The two of them make out, they embrace, and they discuss their breakup.

"Paradise is more mine and Rachel's speed. I think maybe if we would have met here, things could have gone differently. How we left the Bachelorette was maybe a little too quick. I think we deserve this chance to be together again," Jordan said.

Rachel and Tanner talk

Last Rose Ceremony, Tanner gave Rachel his rose when he was the Bachelor in Paradise. Rachel says she feels like Tanner gave her a friendship rose, and she does not think that he is actually into her. Tanner says he is here to find his future wife, but he is worried that Rachel has walls up and is holding back.

Rachel seeks advice from Wells.

"Everyone here is here because they have been hurt in some way shape or form, at some point you just got to let go," he said.

Rachel returns to Tanner and kisses him. (I am sure I am not the only one who is worried that Rachel is going to break Jordan's heart for the second time.)

"I want to try," Rachel tells Tanner.

Aaron B. and Eliza make their relationship official

Aaron B. pulls Eliza to a private room to talk with her about the future of their relationship. Everyone on the beach is starting to feel the pressure of Paradise ending "soon," and people are starting have serious conversations with their partners. Aaron B. asks Eliza to be his girlfriend, and she says yes. Here's to hoping the two of them make out of Paradise together.

"It's giving commitment. It's giving relationship. It's giving Aaron asked me to be his girlfriend," Eliza said.

The Paradise Truth Box returns

Wells decides to open up the Paradise Truth Box once again. This time, we learn that it seems like Peter shaves his legs, and someone thinks John Henry and Kat will go the distance. The biggest shock is that someone believes Tyler is not that into Mercedes. (I am still waiting for Mercedes' reaction Tyler's kiss with Jess.) A lot of people on the beach seem to be in agreement with this truth. The only thing Tyler has seemed eager to commit to this season is an ear piercing from Brayden.

"I don't think the distance thing is something Tyler wants to do," said Aven.

Double date in Paradise

Aven and Peter get a double date card, and they take Kylee and Sam respectively. The two couples leave the beach and are brought to what seems like a party that Wells is bartending for. On the date, they play games like "Blind Besos" and "Twerktastic Showdown." Peter and Sam seem to be having the time of their lives, but Aven is a little out of his comfort zone. However, he tries to "own it" as best he can for Kylee. By the end of the date, Sam and Peter make their relationship exclusive, and Aven and Kylee tell each other they are falling in love.

Meanwhile, back on the beach someone else seems very confident in her relationship.

"I am just happy that I finally found my person," Jess said, famous last words.

Katie Thurston joins the beach

Katie Thurston, a former Bachelorette, who got engaged to Blake on her season, enters Paradise. She lets everyone know she is single before she pulls Blake to talk. Blake is obviously distraught at her arrival, as the pair have not seen each other or talked since cutting off their engagement in 2021.

"There isn't a manual for how to deal with your ex-fiancé on the beach, here, in this situation," said Blake. "Katie coming in just adds more confusion to the confusion."

For those not well-versed in Bachelor Nation news, Katie started dating someone else from her season, John Hershey, shortly after Blake and Katie ended their engagement. It seems the two initially ended on good terms, but Blake was hurt when Katie moved on so quickly.

For their credit, Blake and Katie seem to talk through their breakup as well as anyone in their position could.

"I had the highest expectations for us as a couple... everything was kind of stacked against us. Even after the fact, even after our relationship, even after other relationships, it's always been Blake," Katie said.

First-ever "Bachelor in Paradise" Roast

Turns out, even though Katie is single, she is not on the beach to date. Instead, Katie is here to help the men and women roast each other. Since being the Bachelorette, Katie has pursued a career in stand-up comedy.

During the roast, Aven does a spot-on impression of Rachel. Kat and "Baby" Jess are the punchline of several jokes. Tanner roasts Rachel and Tyler roasts Mercedes, seemingly forgetting they gave them their roses last week. Interestingly, none of the men are roasted (at least, not that we see.)

Many of the women walk away from the roast understandably upset.

"We can all pretend it's a joke but deep down, what you're saying you actually feel, and I don't think it's funny," Rachel said.

Cocktail Party

Heading into the fourth Rose Ceremony this season, there are 11 guys and eight girls, which means three men will be going home.

"It seems like a lot of relationships are on the edge of fully committing or breaking up," Tanner said.

The only (seemingly) solid relationships heading into next, next week are Kylee and Aven, Aaron B. and Eliza, and Sam and Peter.

At the start of the Cocktail Paty, Blake pulls Jess to talk. They have not had a moment to decompress since Katie and Blake talked. As the episode comes to a close, we get a glimpse of how their conversation might go next episode.

"I had a real taste of what love is here, and I feel like we are not getting there at all," said Blake.

Next week on "Bachelor in Paradise"

It is Thanksgiving, there will not be an episode.

The week after next week on "Bachelor in Paradise"

The fallout from the roast trickles into the next episode of Paradise. We see Kylee, Rachel, Jess and Mercedes upset. Even though the women have the power heading into the Rose Ceremony, it seems a lot of them are getting their hearts broken.

"The beach is falling apart," someone says.

"Bachelor in Paradise" airs Thursdays on ABC following "The Golden Bachelor."