How having a bad boss can help your career

Chances are you've had, or will have, a bad boss. The key to making the most of it is learning to manage the situation. LaSalle Network Senior Director Jessica Schaeffer joined ABC 7 News at 11 to explain how.

Bosses can have a real impact on an employee's work productivity and overall work experience. Here are the types of bosses people most-commonly see:

The Narcissistic Manager
This manager cares about themselves and self-promotion more than their staff. They take all the credit for an accomplishment and point the finger when things go wrong.

How to Deal
If you are happy with your current role and want to stay at the company, humor this type of boss. Give them a compliment for their advice. Keep them informed on all communication you have with their boss and/or clients. They need to be in the know and feel in control.

The Absent Manager
This boss says they care about employee development, but is never there for coaching and support. They don't give frequent feedback and are rarely there to answer questions.

How to Deal
Keep working just as hard and over communicate with your teams on the status of projects to keep things moving along. Also be resourceful and find different ways to get information and answers. If you get no responses from your boss, find another person to "green light" your decision.

The Best-Friend Manager
This boss wants their employees to like them. They want to be included in the watercooler talk and be invited to the happy hours after work. Most likely, they were promoted from within.

How to Deal
You have to be upfront and tell your manager you want direct feedback because it will help you grow. It will help them grow, as well. If they're still not giving you feedback, you have to ask for it.

The On-the-Move Manager
This is the manager that is always on the run and always has something to do. Although they want to get an update on a project, they only have one minute to listen. This manager asks an employee to do something, but forgets they ever asked.

How to Deal

Send a short update on a weekly basis or a recap of the projects you're working on. That way your manager has the update and you can use the limited time together to ask specific question as opposed to updating your manager on the status of different projects.

This is how can a bad boss actually help your career:
-You learn what not to do as a manager
-Forces you to find mentors
-You develop a strong work ethic
-You learn to adapt to different styles
-You learn to manage up
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