Pres. Obama campaigns for Gov. Quinn in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- President Barack Obama is campaigning in Chicago, urging potential voters to show up at the polls for Governor Pat Quinn in his tough re-election challenge from Republican businessman Bruce Rauner.

The president is also urging Illinois residents to take advantage of early voting and said he will vote on Monday. He spoke at Chicago State University on the South Side.

When it comes to Chicago, especially on the South Side, Obama has not lost his political magic. Sunday night at the Jones Convocation Center, it was filled to near-capacity.

Some in crowd actually shrieked in excitement as the President was introduced.

Unlike his low-key fund-raising visit for the governor earlier this month, this time the registered Chicago voter's purpose was unmistakable.

"First thing I'm going to do (Monday) is cast my vote to re-elect Dick Durbin and give my friend Pat Quinn four more years as governor of the great state of Illinois," Obama told the crowd.

The governor spoke before the president, using much of his speech to attack Rauner.

"My opponent has nine mansions and he has $60 million in one year and he thinks we should eliminate the basic minimum wage," Quinn said.

Rauner was unavailable for comment on the Obama visit. Instead, his campaign dispatched Manny Sanchez, the former chairman of Latinos for Obama.

"This man is the full package and today, 2014, this is what the state desperately needs," Sanchez said.

Other speakers at the rally included Senator Dick Durbin, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and United States Congressmen Bobby Rush and Rodney Davis.

But the president was the big draw that attracted over 6,000 to the rally to re-elect Quinn.

"Pat is real. He is who he is, he is not trying to pretend he's something he's not," Obama said. "He remembers where he came from, he's fighting for you every single day, and that's why you've got to have his back and go out there and vote for Pat Quinn."

The president will overnight in Chicago, cast his ballot early Monday, and attend a fund-raiser before returning to Washington Monday night.

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